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UP WITH KIDS! students are trained in acting and performing for stage and film. The UP WITH KIDS! performing arts curriculum is based on the works of the Great Masters of Music, Dance, Literature, Art and Theatre. UP WITH KIDS! students experience their rich cultural heritage through age appropriate activities, such as singing, dancing, drama, choral readings, and creative movements to classical music. UP WITH KIDS! students are taught that the Great Masters of our culture were once children themselves, who discovered and nurtured their beautiful talents and gifts. These precious young people are further taught that each one of them have wonderful talents and gifts inside of them that will bring them great happiness throughout their lives. It is our firm conviction that cultural awareness, dramatic abilities and confidence enhance success and enjoyment, not only in the performing community, but in every walk of life. Our activities promote creativity and self-esteem for the students and teachers in an atmosphere of love and friendship.


UP WITH KIDS! teachers and directors are chosen first of all for their sincere love and affection for young people. In addition, all of our instructors are amazing, accomplished individuals in their chosen fields of performance and entertainment. You can read more about these amazing people on our Directors Page.


The opportunity to perform enhances the development of our studentsí talents. We perform free of charge and accept invitations to bring our shows to school, church and community events. It is desirable for every talented and productive member of our society to learn to reach out with compassion and assistance to the less fortunate members of our communities. We want our students to feel the great satisfaction that comes from experiences in doing good deeds. Regular opportunities will be arranged to provide free entertainment for disadvantaged members of our community. Portions of our programs are presented in sign language for the benefit of the deaf members of our audiences.

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We want UP WITH KIDS! to be a positive experience for our young students. We want them to develop confidence and self-esteem through their involvement with the performing arts. We teach audition techniques, but we never hold auditions for our productions. We work for a spirit of cooperation and teamwork rather than competition. It is important for each of us to downplay the importance of being cast in any specific role, and to emphasize the importance of giving the very best effort to every part. We have developed the concept of All Star Acting in which we write our own scripts and adapt the stories so that there is a challenging part for every single student, with speaking lines and a personality to develop. Every performer can be a star! We encourage all the significant adults in our students' lives to help us shower them with praise and minimize anxiety!


UP WITH KIDS! classes are very lively. Each class is divided roughly into four areas of focus: Enrichment, Voice, Dance and Acting. Of course, these four areas overlap all over the place as we work to develop our young prodigiesí talents and skills. We begin each session with vocal exercises, giving instruction in how to use muscles and body parts to develop the individualís own very best singing and speaking voice. The body of each class is filled with acting exercises to encourage confidence and increase knowledge in performing skills such as focus, characterization, improvisation, pantomime, motivation, facial expression, vocal intonation, dialogue, monologue, audition techniques, etc. Rehearsal becomes very active as we teach basic concepts of movement and build the different styles of dances for our shows. Dramatic experiences bring greater reality to important moments in history and greater clarity to the developing values in society that are illustrated in our shows. We hope that through mastery of the basics, our students’ abilities to create their own artistic compositions will be enhanced and strengthened. Productions are performed live to give our young actors experience in overcoming stage fright and receiving that wonderful rewarding applause from an appreciative audience. Shows are also professionally videotaped and edited so that performers can self-improve their art.


It is well known that students benefit more from a program of this nature if they are encouraged to practice at home. To help them in this endeavor, we provide each student with music CDs and scripts for each new show.


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To guarantee your child’s placement in the class of your choice, return the registration form and payment to the class instructor. Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. Enrollment in the UP WITH KIDS! Musical Theatre Adademy is secured by payment of a non-refundable $55 per student annual costume rental and materials fee ($45 for a second and $35 for each additional child from the same immediate family). The annual tuition for participation in the Up With Kids program is divided into monthly payments of $40 per student. This fee remains the same regardless of the number of classes, rehearsals or performances held or attended each month. The tuition payment is due the first class day of each month. A $10 late fee will be assessed after the 10th of each month. A recital fee of $40 per student is due prior to the first performance. All student payments must be current in order for students to be eligible to perform.


UP WITH KIDS! is a non-profit organization and as such its primary function is community service and education rather than financial gain. Our teachers receive reasonable salaries as compensation for their time, talents, love and devotion to their students.


The UP WITH KIDS! Musical Theatre Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national-ethnic origin or ability to pay in the administration of educational policies, admissions policies, etc.